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5/13/62 Forex Trading Strategy by Rob Booker  


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09/07/2019 4:09 pm  

The short Forex ebook that was uploaded on my site today is 5/13/62 strategy description written by one of the most famous Forex gurus of our time — Rob Booker. The strategy is based on the three EMAs (exponential moving averages) with periods — 5, 13 and 62. The first half of the book is dedicated to the self-disciple and Rob states that its the basement of the offered strategy — without the safe-discipline no trading system will work for a anyone. All explanations in the book are very basic and are probably intended for the Forex newbies. As for me, I didn’t learn much from this strategy description and I don’t think that any experienced Forex trader will enjoy reading it. But if you are new to Forex or searching for a new strategy (and never used any triple-EMA strategy before), or a fan of Rob Booker, then you’ll probably like this short ebook.