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VAG COM 17.1 VAGCOM 17.1.3 VAG 17.1 HEX+CAN USB  


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08/07/2019 2:55 am  

VAG COM 17.1 VAGCOM 17.1.3 VAG 17.1 HEX+CAN USB Interface Car Auto Fault Diagnosis Wire (German/English)

  • Fully compatible with almost cars through the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.
  • Can access almost control modules which require proprietary VAG modes running the KWP-2000 protocols (2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS, numerous 2002+ modules), KWP6000 (CAN) and/or KWP7000 (UDS).
  • Completely revised and expanded ROD (ODX) Data. The structure of our ROD data has also been revised to eliminate much redundancy and keep the installer size reasonable.
  • Support for new UDS addresses required for compatibility with new systems
  • found in latest car models.Auto-Scans now show sub-system label file names.


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