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Mega 6: Presenting Melonport, Gnosis, Aragon, MakerDAO, imToken, TenX

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-- UPDATE Thursday 3 May: the venue is changed to Level 7 Innovation Lab as usual.

ETH Singapore presents Melonport, Gnosis, Aragon, MakerDAO, imToken, TenX

Aragon, Gnosis, MakerDao and Melonport are all part of the wider Ethereum community in Europe. These prominent projects are coming together for an Asia tour to get to know the community in Asia, as well as show how blockchains can be applied across many different industries resulting in spillover effects and positive externalities far beyond the borders of any individual industry, which allows for synergies previously unthought of.

MakerDAO and Gnosis are both at the forefront of building decentralized exchanges to facilitate the ability of individuals and institutions to directly trade amongst each other without middlemen. These exchanges can be integrated into the Melon protocol to allow investment managers to effectively manage their digital assets in a technology-regulated fund structure in a fully decentralized manner. Decentralized funds open the door to decentralized governance over the assets; Aragon is working on governance solutions to effectively manage DAOs.

imToken is digital asset management viewing mobile app, that allows you to view, store private keys of your various crypto asset and are soon integrating a decentralized exchange, called TokenLon, which is powered by the Kyber and 0x protocols.

TenX is a blockchain pioneer that makes multiple virtual currencies instantly spendable in everyday life. In order to offer the widest range of blockchain assets, TenX is building COMIT (Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction network), an open source project that connects any blockchain without creating an extra token.

In the Singapore edition of this tour, each of the six projects is going to give you a deep dive into their respective projects, accompanied by demos of the current progress.

Melonport - Hansen Wang https://melonport.com/
Gnosis - Anna George https://gnosis.pm/
MakerDao - Pan Chao https://makerdao.com/
Aragon - John & Jouni https://aragon.one/
imToken - Phillip Seifert https://token.im/
TenX - Julian Hosp https://www.tenx.tech/