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Introduction to H2O's Driverless AI

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It gives me great pleasure to have the folks from H2O to come and talk to us about some exciting new developments in the world of Automated Machine Learning. H2O is the home to a lot of new and exciting developments in the world of machine learning. They also have a few Kaggle Grandmasters developing new tools and techniques. This is their first talk in Singapore and what a best way to open our series.

Note: This is the same meetup from the H2O group and if you have registered on the H2O meetup, you need not register here. We have quite a bit of overlap between the two groups.


19:00 - 19:15 - Doors Open. Refreshments + Networking
19:15 - 20:00 - Talk 1: Introduction to H2O Driverless AI by Jo-fai Chow
20:00 - 20:10 - Short Break
20:10 - 20:30 - Talk 2: Driverless AI Use Cases by PropertyGuru
20:30 - 21:00 - Networking


Talk 1: Introduction to H2O Driverless AI by Jo-fai Chow

Jo-fai will give an introduction to Driverless AI, a new technology that employs the techniques of expert data scientists in an easy to use application that helps scale your data science efforts. Driverless AI empowers data scientists to work on projects faster using automation and state-of-the-art computing power from GPUs to accomplish tasks in minutes that used to take months.

With Driverless AI, everyone including expert and junior data scientists, domain scientists, and data engineers can develop trusted machine learning models. This next-generation automatic machine learning platform delivers unique and advanced functionality for data visualization, feature engineering, model interpretability and low-latency deployment.


Jo-fai (or Joe) has multiple roles at H2O.ai. He is best known as the #360Selfie guy nowadays. On LinkedIn, he is the data science evangelist and community manager but everyone knows that his photography skills totally overshadow his data science knowledge these days. On Twitter, he sounds like a die-hard MATLAB fanboy with the handle @matlabulous (because MATLAB was his favourite tool at Uni). Since joining H2O.ai in 2016, Joe has delivered H2O talks/workshops in 40+ cities around Europe and US.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jofaichow/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/matlabulous


Talk 2: Driverless AI Use Cases by PropertyGuru

PropertyGuru uses H2O.ai’s Driverless AI (DAI) as a platform to do machine learning modelling – way quicker than before. With fast experimentation as our priority, the DAI has become our go-to platform for quick data exploration and getting state of the art models. We will be sharing case studies on how we effectively use it and deliver value to PropertyGuru. These include the new AutoViz and serverless model deployment features.


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