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Ex-nurse helping out at Expo allegedly shared FWs’ behaviour and attitudes  


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18/05/2020 12:25 pm  

Ex-nurse helping out at Expo allegedly shared FWs’ behaviour and attitudes:

They are unhygienic and all of them gather together in one room socialising and not in their own individual rooms, to be away from each other. The whole idea is so they continue to be sick, they don’t want to get well; cause get well means the chances of them being sent home is very high cause companies can’t keep up with paying salaries and they are not working.

The migrant workers all suffer from all sorts of illness like diabetes to high blood pressure. They don’t even know they have these illness until they were checked during the virus test; so their food is designed by dieticians to accommodate to not heighten their underlying illnesses.

We are too kind already; they don’t want to get well, mingle with each other, don’t listen to the doctors and nurses and the army boys helping out. This is disgusting to treat these frontline workers cause they sacrifice to help. They have comfortable stay, free food, free WIFI and medical care, who wants to get well?!



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