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█▓▒░▒░▒░▒ Soccer Library: Betting Tips and Strategies ░▒░▒░▒▓█

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█▓▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒ ░▒░▒ Misc Bros, Please Do Read░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒▓█

Dear AB Misc Bros,

I've seen many bros before getting burned by following tipsters here in AB. My purpose of this thread is not to pinpoint at any tipster. It is known the fact that humans are greedy by nature. Seeing some tipsters on form may tempt you greatly to hitch a ride i.e. making some tidy profits. The initial ride may be rewarding, and turned even many followers on. That’s where the critical point comes in. Emotional punting comes in, punt heavily, not within own limits, seeking to borrow to punt, trying to recover from existing debts faster and all sorts of intentions, just in the hope of making fast bucks.

I forewarn you here. If you choose to undertake such a route, it’s all the risk and consequences you have to face. I would be greatly happy if you can make fast bucks out of on-form tipsters. But can you control your temptation to hit-and-run after you make a tidy sum, or would you carry on?

Soccer punting is a long journey if you wish to stay in this line. Good tipsters do not turn famous overnight, or even a short time. They are valued and recognised over years; build up their each individual name over time. They all have proven themselves over a period of time.

My personal advice to all followers of tipsters:

Treat tipsters like stocks and shares; everyday prices move up and down. But what you want is overall positive profits over time.

Selected tipsters and put them in a basket, just like a unit trust or fund.

The number of tipsters you selected are all based on your individual judgment, preferences, etc.  I would advise you to put at least some long term tipsters here.

E.g. 3 Long term tipsters with at least 2 years of posting in AB + any 1 currently on-form tipster

Then over time, e.g. over 3 months or 6 months. Evaluate your investments and re-do another evaluation to assess whether are you comfortable in keeping your previous tipsters.

It would be advisable not to change more than 50 percent of the tipsters in your portfolio every round. Or else the difference in impact cannot be seen and compared easily.

Or you could have your own analysis of picks at times; so example of a portfolio would be like:

30 percent fund – own picks
70 percent fund – tipsters picks ( 20% to 3 long term tipsters – 10% to on-form tipsters)

All these are just quoted as examples.

Good luck to all. I hope to see lesser bros posting needing help financially in MISC forum.

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█▓▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░Laying & Backing▒░▒░▒░▒░ ▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒▓█

Dear AB Bros,

I have been pasting P2P betting principle almost every of my post and yet many bros don't understand or really bother to read i guess.

Normally we play 1 X 2, Asianhandicap, etc. We are the "BACKERS"

Eg. We buy 1 X 2 team A win@ 2.90 $100.00 . If we win, We get back $290.00 (of which $190.00 is the profit, $100 is the original capital)

But who pay you the $290.00?

They are the "LAYERS"

"LAYERS" are like the bookmakers and opposite of punters.

At a betting exchange, punters gathered all over the world to be "BACKERS" and "LAYERS"

You can choose to take on the role of a bookmaker. IF someone buys 1 X 2 win @ 2.90, you can take on the bookmaker role. If u accept the deal, you will lose 1.90 times of his amount punted from him if team A really win.

However, if team A draw or lose, you win whatever he punted. i.e. his capital.

There have been many critics in my thread about "sure win" in laying since weaker teams don't win, etc.

In laying, your liability is high. Ball is round and anything can happen. Weaker teams do not necessary will not win!

You need a good betting strategy in LAYING bets.

Eg. Lay $100 Tunisia@16.0

means if tunisia win, your loss -$1500.00.... seems horrible?

But think of another angle;

if your normal bet is $1000, use $1000 divide by the odds of 16.0 = $62.50

That means if you lay $62.50, your profit is $62.50 if tunisa don't win.

but if tunisa win, you lose $1000.00

Now what's the return?

Its $62.50 / $1000 = 6.25%

If you can achieve 6.25% return daily, isn't it attractive?

Just compare to your bank interest rate then you will know what i mean.

And what if 6.25% compounded over a period of time?


However, you need a precise, disciplined plan to minimse lossess if it really happens.

Hope I have enlighten many Bros here and bring you to another dimemsional way of punting.


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█▓▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░Parlay Explained & Strategies ░░░▒░▒░░▒░▒░▒░▒▓█

Dear Misc Bros,

This is another article that I have written especially for punters who are concerned about parlays. I hope this will help you to get a better insight of parlay.

Parlay & Strategies:

1. Terminology of Parlay
2. Counting
3. Strategies shared.

Parlay is defined as the accumulator of events you predicted that will occur. E.g. Parlay 3 means that 3 events lumped in a basket that all must occur in your prediction that must happen for you to earn your winnings.

There are many kinds of parlay that are available in the market; mixed parlay; Asian-handicap parlay; Fixed Odds parlay

1. Mixed parlay includes options from total goals and Asian-handicap.
2. Asian-handicap parlay includes only teams offered on the respective handicap presented.
3. Fixed Odds handicap parlay (accumulator) is a set of teams selected based on 1 X 2 odds presented i.e. Home Win – Draw – Away Win odds.

Counting of Parlay:

Normally, parlay odds are presented slightly lower than the usual odds in each individual category. E.g. If you punt team A on handicap -0.5 @ 1.81. The payout for parlay will be most likely to lower than few cents than 1.81.

Normally, there is a cap on the events of parlay. Some bookmakers will cap it at 10-parlay maximum, or they could restrict on your daily winnings.

The general rule of thumb:

based on 4-fixed odds parlay:

1.80 X 3.20 X 1.85 X 1.86 = 19.80 X capital invested. (Total return + Capital)

A more tricky parlay will be AH parlay where there might be cases of wining half or losing half. Do check with your respective bookmakers on their terms and conditions. Generally half winning or lost is treated as half of the odds given.

E.g. Based on 4 AH parlay:

1.80 X 1.90 X 1.85 X 1.45 (1.90 -0.45 ) = 9.17 X capital invested. (Total return + Capital)

Take Note: 1.45 is calculated as win half parlay.


Some Personal Strategies to share:

1. Personally, a 4-6 parlay is ideal to play for. Risk-return-probability seems optimal.

1. Once teams are chosen, if you have more than 6 teams, lump according to confidence level:

First set could be the most 4-6 confident teams

2nd set could be the next 4-6 level 2 confident teams.

2. Or lump according to the timing in each of the team K.O (‘Runway Sell-away Parlay&rsquo Wink

Arrange in a way to that the last match is standalone. E.g. 3 matches K.O at 10pm, the last match K.O at 12mn.

This strategy will allow you achieve at least some winnings through ‘sell-away’ parlay, i.e. if the 1st 3 teams have cleared the parlay, pending the last match. You can punt opposite of the team in that parlay on a single AH.


Parlay 4 win - $600.00

1st 3 matches won, pending last match for team A to clear AH. (Team A vs Team B)

Punt $300 on Team B. (amount varies according to your confidence level.

Thus you have at least $300 in your pocket regardless of whatever result of A vs B.

2. Parlay can be used as insurance purpose, to prevent claypot of picks.

As the saying goes, it’s not easy to jackpot or claypot. But it does happen!

Eg. 4 teams chosen to play AH.

Buy insurance for these 4 teams by buying all opposite teams

4/4 Jackpot – lose only a bit on insurance parlay
3/4 – Should be winning overall, after less insurance parlay
2/4 – Might lose water money plus insurance parlay
1/4 - Worst case.
0/4 – Claypot, but JP on parlay! Could be scenario where you overall breakeven or win overall

It all depends how much you punt on the parlay. You might need a excel spreadsheet to input all these figures for you.

So, what you want is 0/4. 3/4, 4/4 Jackpot. i.e. You have 3 / 5 outcome in your advantage.

3. Slow parlay

This slow parlay refers to playing parlay over a period. This way is slow but it’s more achievable than a day parlay.
Normally punters play day-parlay. Lumping all teams in one day. This slow parlay refers to punting a small amount on a single AH team on a day (the most confident team). If that team wins, use all winnings and play the next most confident match.


Day Parlay –

Team A + B + C +D = lose / win parlay that day

1.80 X 1.80 X 1.80 X 1.80

Slow parlay:

Day 1: Team A @1.80 (most confident team of the day)
Day 2 : Team B @1.80 (most confident team of the day) Roll the winnings from Day 1
Day 3: Team C @1.80 (most confident team of the day) Roll the winnings from Day 2
Day 4: Team D @1.80 (most confident team of the day) Roll the winnings from Day 3